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Ice retreat in Wilkes Basin of East Antarctica during a warm interglacial

T. Blackburn, G.H. Edwards, S. Tulaczyk, M. Scudder, G. Piccione, B. Hallet, N. McLean, J.C. Zachos, B. Cheney, & J.T. Babbe
Nature, 2020       PDF       Web

Press coverage in National Geographic
U-series isotopics of subglacial precipitates from beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) record an open-system event ca. 400,000 years ago in the subglacial Wilkes Basin. Our data and models support ice retreat and seawater incursion during this time, suggesting that the Pleistocene EAIS was not as stable as previously assumed. These findings bear important implications for future EAIS stability in a warming climate.

Vein fluorite U-Pb dating demonstrates post–6.2 Ma rare-earth element mobilization associated with Rio Grande rifting

G. Piccione, E.T. Rasbury, B.A. Elliott, J.R. Kyle, S.J. Jaret, A.S. Acerbo, A. Lanzirotti, P. Northrup, K. Wooton, R.R. Parrish
Geosphere, 2019       PDF       Web

We studied a suite of hydrothermal veins that crosscut the Round Top laccolith in the Trans-Pecos magmatic province of west Texas. Using spectroscopy and LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating of fluorite, nacrite, and calcite, we elucidate the timing and mobilization history of REE enrichment in this important REE deposit. These combined techniques allow us to identify at least two vein forming fluids that mobilized REE between 6 and 4 Ma